Back to school, books and apple

IN THE NEWS: Parental Guilt and Back-to-School


Back to school, books and apple

“Back to school” means something very different this year…

It’s time to send the kids back to school…or not. Parents are facing a tough choice in this first September following the outbreak of the COVID-19 pandemic. The decisions that need to be made are wrenching – should I send them or should I keep them at home?, many wonder.

It’s not easy. 

There are conflicting voices on each side of the argument as to whether going to in-school classes is best, or homeschooling until the pandemic passes is the right choice. Many parents are feeling guilty – whether they send their kids back or choose to home school them. 

Who knows what the right choice is, really?

Back to School chalkYou do, parents.

That’s my opinion, and that’s what I discuss with Natasha on my monthly parenting segment for The Natasha Hall Show on CJAD.

Listen to the full segment below for details and reasons as to why I’ve come to this conclusion.


The Natasha Hall Show – Parents Feeling Guilty About Sending Kids Back to School

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