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How Earphones Have Isolated Us Forever

Earphones, Headsets and Ear Buds Have Isolated Us

earphones animated“What Did You Say Again?”

Do you say that often?

Me too.

Most of us do.

Probably because of our love of technology, streaming services, listening to music and podcasts, and more.

We’re connected like never before, and like never before, we have the amazing ability to block out the rest of the world.

To our detriment, I think.

For kids growing up in this ever-connected world, their experience of connectivity will be, ironically, one that is done virtually, for the most part. They see us engrossed in our phones, with our tablets or computers, earphones on, oblivious to the world. What message does that send to them?

Of course we feel the guilt that comes with parenting each time we catch ourselves engaged digitally to the detriment of our kids, but somehow we can’t stop ourselves. We’re too addicted to our devices, sadly.

Will this ever change? Can we go back to the way things were? Is there a way of weaning ourselves off of our reliance on a virtual world, one that threatens to overtake the real one?

In my latest piece over at Medium, I discuss how earphones/ear buds/headsets have isolated us from each other forever.

Read on…

Lost Connections

How Headphones and Ear Buds Have Disconnected Us From Each Other

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