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SOCIETY: Protesting With Kids

How to Protest Safely With Kids

grayscale photo of man in t-shirt and shorts sitting on womans lap

It’s become increasingly clear that change is in the air

People of all ages and races are coming forth to make their voices heard. Whether it’s a protest in support of Black Lives Matter, politics or many of the powder-keg issues that keep all of us up at night, life in the 21st century is clearly a family affair.

For many parents, the question as to whether or not to take their kids with them to protests and rallies has now become how to do so, safely. It’s become clear to moms and dads everywhere that the times, they are a-changing, and the world will be a very scary place with our kids – if we don’t make our voices heard now.

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What that means is making the decision to take the kids to potentially-charged public events in the name of democracy. What it also means is that there’s an added layer of fear and worry that occurs in parents who are wondering and hoping that they’re doing the right thing.

In my latest article for Today’s Parent, I tackle this issue by interviewing families who are actively using their voices for change – all with the kids in tow. As well, the piece provides practical tips and advice from a professional organizer and parent who knows a few things about how to make sure your family protest goes off without a hitch.

You can read the full piece by following the link below.


How to Take Your Kids to a Protest Safely




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