Retro Memory #25 – The Transistor Radio

Transistor RadioThis item was everywhere before the age of streaming music 

For many years in earlier times, the transistor radio was the only way to go if you wanted to take your music with you. Before the days of FM radio stations that dedicated hours to playing full albums, the transistor radio provided music over AM radio, and that was fine.

“Entertainment” back then, was limited. Without the more current options – all night TV, satellite movies, streaming video – this simple item offered simple solace through a favourite DJ or a favourite song. Talk radio found its voice through this 70’s staple, and the ability to listen and hear the latest current events through the personality of your favourite anchor can not be forgotten.

Now, it’s all content, all the time, the multitudes of options bewildering to some degree. One has to wonder if it wouldn’t be easier to go back to a simpler time, with less options and, therefore, less decision-making.

During its heyday, these portable and compact radios could be found everywhere, from beaches to bedrooms. Sadly, the Sony Walkman in the early 80’s was a harbinger of the transistor’s ultimate demise.

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