Police and Protesters

IN THE NEWS: Racism, Kids and Current Events

 Racism – A Difficult Topic to Discuss With Kids

Police and Protesters

Race and Real Life – Speaking to Children About Disturbing Events

These are trying times.

The disturbing events that underscore the very real racism that exists in society have forced Black parents to have to once again speak to their children about this very painful subject.

I have spoken about this topic before and, sadly, am speaking about it again.

Here are some recent interviews.

Anxieties over racism heighten for many Black Canadians in COVID-19 isolation

Casey Palmer’s hands were already full keeping his family safe from the COVID-19 pandemic when the killing of George Floyd provoked a flurry of emotions he’s still trying to unpack. Like many Canadians, he was sheltering in place when TV and social media feeds were flooded with a video of Floyd, handcuffed and suffocating under the knee of a Minnesota police officer for nearly nine minutes.

Talking to Your Kids About Racism

A Band-Aid For My Wounds

When I was a kid, I used to hate getting scraped and cut. Of course, the obvious reasons for this were the pain and discomfort of being wounded. But there was another reason that I so despised becoming injured: the Band-Aids.

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