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PTAN #37 – ‘The Good Stripper’ Reveals All

This Former Dancer Reveals All

When Marci Warhaft says she understands challenges, she’s not kidding. The author of The Good Stripper tears off the mask of shame that she felt for so long and reveals the lessons she learned when life came at her fast.

By day, she was a loving soccer mom, devoted to her kids and her family life. No one would have known that she also had another life – one as “Cassidy” – where she took it all off in Montreal strip clubs at night.

The reasons behind her decision to do so are varied, and her experience living this double-life are understood by the reader when other life circumstances are revealed. Becoming an exotic dancer was just one of the numerous experiences that shaped this incredible woman to becoming the inspiration that she is today. Using her life journey to help both herself and others, Marci has triumphed over love, loss, pain, an eating disorder and death. At last, she is finally able to  find peace and hope within herself.

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Marci Warhaft

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Marci Warhaft
“The Good Stripper” author, Marci Warhaft

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