PTAN #35 – The Ultimate Parenting Challenge

This Parenting Challenge Was Something That Maria Manna Could Never Have Expected

Growing up in an Italian-Canadian household, Maria Manna learned early how to be responsible and to persevere. Yet nothing could have prepared her for the painful parenting challenges that she experienced later on.

As a young child, she had a literal life-altering experience which changed the way that she viewed life, love and loss. She also used her newfound knowledge when it was needed later on, as life became difficult and challenging.


The Ultimate Parenting Challenge

Maria became a step-mom to her husband’s son and with this role came pain that she could have never expected. The trauma that her family experienced while going through years of difficulty is what led her to her decision to become an ordained minister and to help others who were in need of support.

The shocking events that shook her family to the core and made them all realize the fragility of life became the driving force behind her desire to help others. As painful as it was, she persevered and came through the events both stronger and more empathetic. She now uses her experiences as a basis to help those who are alone or suffering.

From the darkness to the light, Maria lived, loved and learned and now teaches others how to find the light in their own lives.

Listen to the full interview below.

For more on Maria, visit her website and her Wikipedia page.

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