PTAN #34 – When Daughter Becomes Mother – Interview With Jann Arden

Jann Arden Smiling
Jann Arden

Jann Arden talks about caring for her mother, who was suffering from Alzheimers

Jann Arden has experienced much in her life. Even so, she wasn’t prepared for the experience of becoming the primary caregiver for her elderly mother. As Alzheimer’s disease took hold, Jann and her mom’s relationship changed. Though painful, Arden dealt with the evolution of the mother-daughter relationship that she had cherished for so long. As her mom’s health declined, Jann realized that she had to shift gears. She was no longer was she the child; now she had become the parent.

In “Feeding My Mother,” her bestselling book, the award-winning singer, actor and broadcaster recounted her journey to acceptance of her role, and the inevitability that dementia presents to loved ones.

On this episode of the Parenting Then and Now Podcast, Jann reveals the lessons learned from her care-giving journey and how it changed her life forever. Links to download and listen to the episode are below.

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