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ESSAY: How the Internet Ruined Kids’ Fun

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The Internet Has Made Kids Anxious

Patience is a virtue, we were once told

Back in the day, anticipation was the name of the game. Kids had to wait – and that was a good thing. Now, in the Internet age of instant gratification, the waiting game is a distant memory. Why wait when you can have your every desire fulfilled by Amazon Prime for only a small monthly fee?

Okay – it’s the parents who are paying, but you get my point. Kids don’t have to wait anymore. They’re able to Google, click and order.

Simple. Same day delivery it is, or, if they’re “patient,” perhaps the next day. Regardless, it’s not weeks like it used to be back in the day.

vintage catalogue

Once upon a time, there was a coveted item that used to be delivered via (snail) mail. It was called a “catalogue.” Children would wait with bated breath for it’s delivery close to the holiday season. Inside, there were pictures of every toy that a child’s heart could desire. And what was known by all kids looking through this coveted item was that it contained everything that they wanted and everything that they had to wait for.

Not anymore. Now it’s click and go. Or even easier, “Alexa, order [insert item here] for me.”

Once upon a time, such immediate gratification was only a dream for anxious kids – and adults.

Remember when?

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