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PARENTING: It’s Been Nice Knowing You…

woman sitting on swing

Friendships don’t always last forever

There was a time that seeing certain folks was as sure as the sun rose in the morning. These were friendships that we thought would endure the test of time.

They were our kids’ friends’ parents and they were going through the same trials and tribulations that we were. Their kids were the same age as ours, and we were experiencing the reality that being a mom or dad isn’t always rainbows and unicorns.

There’s the temper tantrum stage. There’s the defiant stage. There are so many other stages that follow until…

It’s that last one that we often miss when it happens, as it creeps up on us oh, so sneakily.

One day, our kids don’t need us to coordinate their every move anymore.

One day, our kids don’t need us to coordinate their every move anymore. We thought that we’d be happy about it but we’re not. We feel a loss – not only of our precious babies, but of what they indirectly brought to us – friendship. And not theirs, but ours.

We commiserated with our kids’ friends’ parents and, in turn, viewed them as both friends and confidantes. And then all of a sudden one day, they were gone. The kids could use their smartphones, text, FaceTime and arrange their own plans.

On this piece over at Medium entitled “To My Former Friends: It’s Been Nice Knowing You,” I discuss the sadness that comes with the realization that all friendships don’t last forever.

To My Former Friends, It’s Been Nice Knowing You

I used to see you all the time. After daycare, in the schoolyard, at parent-teacher nights. Playdates on the weekends and birthday parties. You knew me and I knew you. Our kids knew each other as well. Very well. That’s how we became friends. And now they’re all grown up.

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