CBC PARENTS ARTICLE: Parenting Young Children in Middle Age

mom and child“Note that my kids aren’t the problem; my aging body is”

“I don’t know how you do it, Sam!”

I hear this often.

It’s apparently supposed to be a compliment.

Truth be told, I don’t know either.

What I do know is that whatever “it” is, it’s done through bleary eyes and with a fatigued and often unclear mind.

You see, my kids are young and I’m “old.”


Understanding that both terms – “young” and “old” – are subjective, suffice it to say that having little kids in middle age is a challenge for the most hearty of us. And for those of us who don’t belong to said “hearty club,” we’re just good and tired, full stop.

I wrote about my ongoing fun and fatigue, excitement and exhaustion in a recent article for CBC Kids. You can read the full piece here:

What It’s Like to Parent Young Kids at Age 50 | CBC Parents

He jumps into our bed, spry as ever. “Good morning, Mommy!” he shouts cheerily. This kid, though. He’s awfully happy at 5:30 a.m. “Mommy, I’m hungry! Can I have waffles?” It’s 5:31 a.m. now. C’mon, kid! But having to arise from my warm and comfortable bed isn’t the worst of my worries.

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