SOCIETY: Kids, Screen Time and Safety in a Post-Coronavirus World

Coronavirus, Kids, Screen Time and Mental Health The Kids Are Alright…Aren’t They? One has to wonder. In the age of Coronavirus, sheltering-in-place and increased screen time, children have lots of …

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IN THE NEWS: Your Child Asks About the N-Word. Now What?

The N-Word: A Painful Question, A Painful Truth It’s never an easy topic, discussing one of the most painful words in the English language: the N-word. This is even more …

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CONTROVERSY: Help! My Teen Wants to Wear a Sexy Halloween Costume!

Your teen wants to wear a risqué  halloween costume. What do you do? It’s that time of the year. Trick-or-treating and costume parties are in the air. Your tween/teen is …

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IN THE NEWS: The Challenges and Benefits of Later-Age Parenting

The Challenges and Benefits of Later-Age Parenting What’s it like to be an “older”mom, and what is “older” anyway? This was the question that I was asked on CTV’s Your …

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