IN THE NEWS: Your Child Asks About the N-Word. Now What?

Black girl thinkingThe N-Word: A Painful Question, A Painful Truth

It’s never an easy topic, discussing one of the most painful words in the English language: the N-word. This is even more so the case when you must do so with your child who has innocently asked its meaning.

When Natasha Hall’s daughter came home and asked her about the meaning of the N-word, Natasha was taken aback. This is no surprise – what do you say?

That was our topic of conversation on our latest CJAD 800 Parenting discussion.

A difficult topic for sure, but one we all need to address. I provided Natasha with my thoughts on this sensitive segment.


Listen to the full segment here:

Why I stopped putting off the racism talk with my daughter | CBC News

As a woman of colour raising biracial children, Samantha Kemp-Jackson writes she has always been very aware that their reality will one day include the experience of being discriminated against solely for the way they appear. She shares why she finally quit putting off the talk with her daughter and why other parents, of all races, should do the same.

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