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SOCIETY: Kids, Screen Time and Safety in a Post-Coronavirus World

Coronavirus, Kids, Screen Time and Mental Health

The Kids Are Alright…Aren’t They?

One has to wonder.

In the age of Coronavirus, sheltering-in-place and increased screen time, children have lots of time to spare. An unscientific poll of friends with kids (both elementary school age and teens) revealed that most of the younger set are online a lot more than they have ever been before.

Chalk it up to COVID-19 and the imperative that we all stay sheltered at home, as much as possible.

Does “the devil find work for idle hands,” as the old adage goes?

In my latest for Huffington Post Canada, I interview parents who are struggling to manage their kids digital and social media activity, as well as their general mental health, all while trying to work from home in this new reality. Are the kids alright in the age of coronavirus?

Read the full article below.

Parenting, Social Media and Safety in the Age of Coronavirus

A Damage Control Guide For Parents Whose Kids Are On Screens All Day

While her older children are fairly self-reliant in completing their schoolwork, her nine-year-old son keeps Patterson on her toes. E-learning has proven to be a formidable foe. Patterson, who works full time, also has the main responsibility for her kids’ day-to-day activities within her household.

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COVID-19 and Kids - How to cope with the new normal

It sure looks like the novel coronavirus that appeared in 2019 is here to stay. Unfortunately. In this "new normal," we have had to revisit every aspect of how we live our lives. As parents, there's a new reality in so many aspects - from school, to playdates, to work and more.

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