IN THE NEWS: Back-to-School Tips During COVID-19

back to school with mask
Going back to school this year means wearing a mask and physical distancing.

Back to school in 2020 is causing anxiety for parents

This year, back-to-school is something different.

COVID-19 has put a new perspective on this annual event, one that was previously anticipated with excitement.

In 2020, the return to the classroom is accompanied by fear of the unknown – whether the kids will remain safe amidst the coronavirus pandemic is the question that parents are asking themselves and others.

What can parents do to alleviate their fears? What simple tips and advice can they follow in order to keep their kids safe?

I provided some suggestions and support for parents on this segment on 580 CFRA. You can listen to the full segment here:

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COVID-19 and Kids – How to cope with the new normal

It sure looks like the novel coronavirus that appeared in 2019 is here to stay. Unfortunately. In this “new normal,” we have had to revisit every aspect of how we live our lives. As parents, there’s a new reality in so many aspects – from school, to playdates, to work and more.

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