COVID-19 and Kids

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COVID-19 and Kids – What’s Next?

COVID-19 and “the new normal”

It sure looks like the novel coronavirus that appeared in 2019 is here to stay.


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In this “new normal,” we have had to revisit every aspect of how we live our lives. As parents, there’s a new reality in so many aspects – from school, to playdates, to work and more. And in this new reality, we’ve had to adjust.

As always, there’s lots to say on this subject and, not surprisingly, I’m saying it.

This page will house all interviews and articles pertaining to COVID-19.

Read on and stay safe!

COVID-19 & Kids – Articles For Parents

Back to school in 2020 is causing anxiety for parents and kids

This year, back-to-school is something different. COVID-19 has put a new perspective on this annual event, one that was previously anticipated with excitement. In 2020, the return to the classroom is accompanied by fear of the unknown – whether the kids will remain safe amidst the coronavirus pandemic is the question that parents are asking themselves and others.

Back to school this year is very stressful for parents

It’s time to send the kids back to school…or not. Parents are facing a tough choice in this first September following the outbreak of the COVID-19 pandemic. The decisions that need to be made are wrenching – should I send them or should I keep them at home?, many wonder.

“That” mom forbids playdates for the kids in the age COVID-19

I’ve never wanted to be “that” mom. You know the one I’m talking about: over-protective, hyper-interested in every move my child is making, hovering at every turn. I used to hate mothers like that. “Let the children play,” I’d herald to whomever would listen. But life has a strange way of throwing curveballs one’s way.

Isolation More Than Doubles Maternal Mental Health Concerns

When Amanda Munday returned home after the breech birth of her daughter, she was in shock, both physically and emotionally. It’s no wonder, really: Four hours after giving birth, she was discharged. The 36-year-old mother of two vividly recalls her first few weeks of motherhood: “I couldn’t sleep.

How To Avoid Burnout When You’re Parenting A Child With Special Needs

Tilley Creary has really come to understand stress, these past few months. The Toronto-based married mother is parenting two boys, ages eight and 10, the youngest of whom has Autism Spectrum Disorder (ASD) and would typically have language and communications supports through school. In pre-pandemic times, he also had one-on-one support with a dedicated educational assistant (EA).

Parents shouldn’t feel guilty for not teaching their kids during COVID-19

These are challenging times, particularly for parents. COVID-19 has shaken up every aspect of our lives. Let’s face it: most of us are stressed, trying to work full-time from home, keeping the kids up to date with schoolwork, as well as the regular chores. Our kids?

A Damage Control Guide For Parents Whose Kids Are On Screens All Day

While her older children are fairly self-reliant in completing their schoolwork, her nine-year-old son keeps Patterson on her toes. E-learning has proven to be a formidable foe. Patterson, who works full time, also has the main responsibility for her kids’ day-to-day activities within her household.

This mom is baking alone in the pandemic. Here’s why.

“If only I had the time.” That was the refrain that I’d say to myself as the day-to-day responsibilities of life and work kept me busier than I thought I needed to be. And then the pandemic happened. COVID-19 took the collective wind out of our global sails and rendered us stunned and stultified, literally and figuratively.

Why COVID-19 Could Kill Me - and I’m Scared

As an immune-compromised person, I’m petrified of germs. Seasonal viruses that rear their ugly heads are a constant concern, with the common cold and the flu leading the charge. Each year, I stock up on hand sanitizer and harangue my kids more often than not to wash their hands thoroughly, and often.

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