IN THE NEWS: Parent-Shaming in the Age of Coronavirus

Should You Send Your Kids Back to School During a Pandemic?

Every month, I chat with Natasha Hall on CJAD 800 about parenting-related topics.

This latest discussion was timely, to say the least.

With COVID-19 on everyone’s mind and the fear of contracting the virus very real, is it any wonder that parents are worried?

In Quebec, the Premier has decided that parents can make the choice about sending their kids back to school in the coming weeks. This has, not surprisingly, raised a number of questions amongst parents and non-parents alike.

  • Is this a good idea? 
  • Is it safe?
  • How was this decision made?
  • What if parents don’t agree?

These are just some of the questions that are being asked by many as we move forward in an uncertain time, one that none of us could have ever anticipated.

On this month’s show, Natasha and I discuss the reality of parenting in the age of Coronavirus: parent-shaming, uncertainty and more.

Listen to the full segment below and weigh in:

Parent-Shaming and Returning to School – Parenting in the Age of Coronavirus

Vanity in the Time of Coronavirus

My social media feed is full of friends revealing an embarrassing truth or two. Now that this inconvenient pandemic has altered their regularly-scheduled maintenance appointments, nerves are frayed. You see, some of us women are a tad vain. We admit it. We want to look good, by whatever means necessary.

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