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IN THE NEWS: Different Families, Different COVID-19 Rules

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Parenting During COVID-19: It’s a Challenge

What do you do when your kid wants to go to that birthday party that all of his other friends are attending? Yes – this is a reality in the age of COVID-19.

As much as we’ve been told repeatedly about the importance of social distancing, wearing masks and hand-washing, we’ve heard even more about the importance of staying away from groups of people and of socializing. Yet there are people who continue to flout the rules for whatever reasons (personal, political or otherwise) and allow their kids to do the same. You may be doing your best to keep up the isolation, as difficult as it may be, but not everyone is on board with these directives.

Your child’s friends are hanging out at the park in large groups, having birthday parties and generally behaving as if there is no coronavirus to be seen anywhere. It’s hard. Your kid is asking you why they can’t participate and you’re wondering how to answer.
Girl wearing mask

This scenario is playing out across the country in households everywhere. The reality is that we all have various tolerances to risk and we pass them on – or don’t – to our kids. The end result, at least when we’re still battling a deadly virus, is that there are children who are happily socializing and others who are very angry with their parents.

On my latest segment on the Natasha Hall Show on CJAD 800 Montreal, I discuss this very real problem that many are experiencing and provide some simple yet practical advice for parents.

Listen to the full segment here:



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COVID-19 and Kids – How to cope with the new normal

It sure looks like the novel coronavirus that appeared in 2019 is here to stay. Unfortunately. In this “new normal,” we have had to revisit every aspect of how we live our lives. As parents, there’s a new reality in so many aspects – from school, to playdates, to work and more.

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