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Hi, Everyone.

My full name is Samantha but almost everyone who knows me calls me “Sam.” I’m married with thousands of children (okay, four, to be specific). But I digress.

My children range in age adult to elementary school age. Yes. I’m not kidding. And they’re all mine. By the way, the last two are identical twin boys, hence the name of this blog, Multiple Mayhem Mamma.

This is me.

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In my “day job,” I run my own Communications/PR Consultancy (for more information, click here). On a personal level, I also write about Parenting - a lot - as a cathartic outlet which I find to be the perfect antidote to my very busy and often crazy life.  

After working both in the public sector and technology, I made a career change and moved to public relations. Working in two very fast-paced PR agencies for almost 10 years was great - I learned a lot about the industry and honed my skills in all areas of the business. Things changed in 2009 when I had my twin boys. Nothing could have prepared me for the craziness of two babies, let alone one. Madness. Anyway, like many women, I thought I could do it all and have it all. After a year’s maternity leave, I returned to work. My boys were one and guess what? They didn’t care that I had to work in the morning; they liked staying up all night regardless. Let’s just say that a full-time, faced-paced career in a PR agency does not mix with young children.

In my frustration and sleep deprivation, I started this blog. There was no rhyme or reason for it other than the fact that I really needed an outlet and a blog seemed like a good place to start. Of course I had no idea what I was doing but, being a foolhardy sort, I hit “publish” nonetheless.

A few months after starting the blog, I realized that the work-life balance was centered more on work than on life. It was too much with the kids (particularly since my boys were waking up multiple times during the night) so I threw caution to the wind and resigned my Account Manager position at the agency. I had no job lined up and no plans for anything, really. Very risky and stupid, I admit, but I was at my wit’s end and the lack of sleep had made me delirious. Shortly after resigning, I started my writing and PR consultancy, Triple M Communications.

Things went well and I continued to provide freelance writing for a number of publications and communications services for various clients. Realizing that above all, writing is my true love, I was still plugging away at my blog as it’s the best way to both connect with like-minded parents who are equally frazzled and often exasperated at parenting. Having been through parenting from infancy to adulthood already (learn about how I’ve raised four kids in four decades, here), I’m happy to share the advice and tips about what does and doesn’t work to those who are looking for answers. On the flip side of the spectrum, I’m doing it all over again in a different time, a different world with different issues and concerns. In this regard, I, like everyone, am grasping for answers on how to parent best. I often feel like I have no idea about what I’m doing and welcome any and all advice and feedback because after all, it takes a village, doesn’t it?

I’m still struggling with reaching the perfect “work-life balance” but realize that it’s a give and take and that some days are going to be more crazy than others. As well, not everything is going to get done and that’s okay, too.

The “Multiple Mayhem” in the title of this blog can be attributed to these two monkeys:

My girls.
My girls.

The fun never ends with these crazy kids!


My lovely daughters balance out the insanity:


I love ’em all to tears. But I’m still frazzled.

Mr. Multiple Mayhem Mamma and I spend much of our time running after kids, putting out fires, and feeling like Drill Sergeants as we try to keep the mayhem under control. Let’s just say that we’re looking forward to the future which holds the promise of uninterrupted sleep, meals and a walls that are devoid of fingerprints and Crayola masterpieces. Until then, I’ll continue to write about the craziness of it all and along provide you with practical tips and advice that I’ve figured out over my parenting journey.

This is my life. Thanks for joining me on this crazy ride that is parenthood.

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